Anniversary of Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

It is one year to the day that I underwent my thyroidectomy.

To me, this feels momentous. A year ago, I was half convinced I was going to die. That I would be wheeled into that operating room never to return again. I suppose this is how every person feels the first time they undergo surgery. In truth, a thyroidectomy is not a terribly dangerous surgery and has a fairly low mortality rate. "Routine," your endocrine surgeon might even say (feel free to stick out your tongue at her when she does). But even when your feelings are not strictly supported by facts or statistics, they are no less valid.
Today is a quiet, internal celebration for me. I survived. I have lived one beautiful, meaningful, sometimes productive and certainly interesting year and I am truly aware that it is a gift. (Insert your favorite cliche about the lessons we are to learn from the trials we are given.)

I am a week away from finding out my cancer status.

Monday and Tuesday I go to the hospital to get my thyrogen shots, Wednesday I get my radiation, and Thursday I get my scan. I'm not sure when I'll get the results, but I'll be updating ASAP so you fellow THYCA friends can know a bit more of what to expect.

As you can see by comparing the photos taken immediately after my surgery and the one taken today, my scar has healed considerably. I barely even notice it or think about it anymore. I can almost (ALMOST) miss it, in the sense that it feels like I've lost my THYCA badge, the one that reminds people how prevalent this cancer is and how necessary to check their necks. I feel completely healthy. I have very few bouts of paranoia now, where I randomly become convinced that my trachea has somehow become detached, or my sore throat is the tumor growing, or think I feel a bump that doesn't belong.

All things considered, I'm happy and hopeful. And if I can get there....

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  1. I'm prepping for my RAI and am so worried. I'm getting a really low dose since they got all the mass, all my thyroid, and there was no spreading. BUT I'm still freaking out. I'm worried about forever dry mouth and destroyed taste buds etc. It's been great looking at your blog. It keeps me sane. NOT THE BABY DUCKS!!! Thank you. :)