To Those Who Wait: Still Waiting for Cancer Results

Waiting for Cancer Results?

My sympathies. And hopefully good things. I still don't have my test results. I actually went down to the doctor's office today because by 2pm no one had returned my calls and I was determined not to let this slip into the weekend. I am not good at waiting. But apparently, God is laughing at my plans,and I won't hear anything until Monday.

Although I'm not holding my breath. I've decided to just pretend they won't have my results for a month. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. 3 times I was given a date for my results and 3 times nothing. All for apparently different reasons too. I'm feeling a bit paranoid. Today the nurse actually said "Oh, if you had just called, I would have rushed your results." Called?? Like the 8 times I called on Wednesday, the 15 times I called on Thursday and the 4 times I called today before going up there? "Oh, well I was out of the office for a couple of days." So really, my calling did no good, and she has obviously not even listened to the dozen or so messages I have left for her. Good grief.

Ever notice that poor health coincides with a lot of waiting? You wait for your scheduled appointment, you wait in the waiting room, you wait in line at the pharmacy, you wait for your prescriptions, you wait to pick up your prescriptions, you wait at the hospital, you wait for testing, you wait for results. Perhaps the best advice I can give anyone going through the cancer process is to always have a good book on hand. It makes some of the waiting bearable.

On a side note, I saw the film Brave tonight. Wonderfully done. The first Disney princess film where the heroine is not required to find and marry a man for personal fulfillment. Also, the first positive mother-daughter story they've done. It sends a strong message regarding the importance of finding one's own path and the heroine finds a unique way of balancing this independence with consideration and love for her family. A pleasant and thought-provoking way to pass the time.

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