THYCA Cycling (Riding with Thyroid Cancer)

I am a THYCA Cycler.

Has a nice ring to it right? I have only been cycling once in the last two weeks and am a bit depressed about it. If you are in the DFW area, you have probably noticed that god is trying to make up for the drought this past summer by turning Texas into England. Gray everywhere. My mom would call this “Jane Eyre weather.” I’m leaning more towards Wuthering Heights.

When I did go cycling, I was motivated to ride faster than ever before by bitter wet winds, a terrible whooshing sound in my ears, and the pitch black skies of 5:30 p.m. You know the scene in "North by Northwest" where Cary Grant is driving drunk, at night, down windy roads next to sheer cliffs dropping off into the ocean, and all he can see is the blur of his headlights and the things he is about to hit? That is what it feels like when riding my bike at the lake after dark. The paths are narrow and windy and there are tall trees on either side blocking out all light sources except for my bike light, creating a kind of intoxicated, Blair-witch tunnel vision.

Needless to say, the weather of late has not been tempting enough for me to get back out there. Instead, I have been getting my exercise kicks from at-home yoga. Hulu now has all these free yoga channels like “Yoga Zone” and “Power Yoga,” which have seriously cheesy but effective workouts. I watch and follow on my laptop in the living room. If you are at all like me and cold weather makes you want to curl up in bed with cocoa and a book and never ever leave, you may want to check out these videos. They are mostly yoga-for-idiots style talkies, but the moves result in a good something-must-be-happening burn. According to the instructors, “Burn is strength.” Here is a good one:

Any THYCA cyclers in DFW?

Even though it is no longer bike-friendly weather, I am going to make another plug for cycling and invite anyone in the DFW area to join my currently one-and-a-half person THYCA Cycling team (one-and-a-half because my mom only rides with me every other week). Again, my idea is to start a cycling event in DFW that will raise money for THCYA research and awareness. I would like to eventually get on the level of sponsorship and participation that the current Tour de Cure enjoys.

I am by no means an expert cycler yet and would like to get to the point where I can do 60+ mile bike-a-thons without passing out. Most miles so far = 32. To motivate myself and begin my awareness campaign one person at a time, I have designed a THYCA Cycler shirt. You are welcome to steal my design and purchase your own if you are interested in being a THYCA cycler or just having a really awesome shirt. I ordered mine off of voler.com. Hopefully this link works: THYCA DESIGN

I understand that cycling is not for everyone, but it has been amazing post-op, post-cancer therapy for me. Just getting outdoors everyday and appreciating the beauty around me has made life better. I had a friend accuse me (unjustly) of “taking the fun out of cycling.” I guess she thinks I’m too competitive or something. She says she would rather enjoy the scenery. Which I do. Every single time I ride. Even those hard-core cyclists who go 40 mph probably look around them every once in a while. It is possible to both cycle (at a mere 12mph I might add) and enjoy your surroundings. To prove this, I took photos a few rides ago, when the fall colors were at their best. Here are some of my favorites; maybe they will inspire some would-be cyclists out there:
This is my favorite spot at the lake. I come here to write poetry and watch the egrets and cranes. At night nutria (also known as ROUS's) swim here.

Same spot captured through yellow flowers.

I had fun taking pictures from unusual angles. This is the dirt path to the shore.

This branch looks exactly like a moose head to me.

Spider webs are really hard to capture.

I love colorful grass. This reminds me of Van Gogh's wheat series.

Fun collection of branches near the shore.

One of many beautiful bike paths.

I love yellow trees. I pass under these while cycling.

This tree has flame-colored leaves.

I lay down in some rather uncomfortable thorns to get this shot. These plants are actually about a foot tall at most, but I tried to make them look like red trees towering above me. How'd I do?

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