The Predicament: To Biopsy or Not to Biopsy?


After hearing that my sonogram revealed multiple nodules on my thyroid, something “abnormal” but not “alarming,” I make an appointment with a recommended endocrinologist, Dr. K. Dr. K. is a beautiful, willowy, middle-aged Indian woman who informs me in a thick, familiar accent that yes, I have multiple nodules on both sides of my thyroid, and yes, my thyroid is abnormal in that most people have a delicate butterfly-shaped organ wrapped around their trachea and I have what more closely resembles a piece of hamburger meat mashed into it. So maybe I should get a biopsy done, but not to worry, not to worry. It is very unlikely these nodules are cancerous.

I call the hospital and make an appointment for a biopsy. The hospital finance center calls me to let me know my portion of the cost will be $1100. This is no small amount of money for my income bracket. Also, I am "not to worry" about the "very unlikely" possibility of cancer. So I cancel my appointment.

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